Workshops and Speaking

Leading with Integrity Workshop

As a compliance officer in the mental health field I have learned a thing or two about leading with integrity. In order to obtain a formidable future, it is most important that we uphold ethical principles. The objective of this interactive workshop is to educate participants on the importance of leading with integrity. In order to meet the objective, I will:

  • Lead participates in exploring their values and beliefs systems 
  • Discuss how to make positive choices
  • Give real examples (yes, even some of my own) of ethical dilemmas 
  • Teach the use of assertive communication skills in order to uphold your stance and lead with integrity

The session ends with participants creating their own pledge and taking an oath to lead with integrity. This session can be tailored to fit the needs of small groups, large groups, preteens, teens, adults, college students, corporate leaders and community organizations.

Contact me for a free consultation about your event, training or conference needs.

Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly, SOAR – Goal Development
Workshop and Individual Coaching

Goals, Goals, Goals. We all have them, now let’s reach them! Do you have a difficult time setting goals, initiating them and sticking to them? Does life keep throwing you curve balls and taking you off track? Do you ever wonder how you will reach your true potential when it seems that all of the odds are stacked against you? Despite what you feel, think or believe. You can and you will reach your goals!

As a teenage mother and single mother, I have utilized the beauty of goal setting and learned a number of tricks of the trade that have enabled me to earn a Doctorate by the age of 28 and become a Published Author by the age of 30. I would love to work with you and help you reach your true potential.  We will work together step by step in:

1) Exploring

2) Setting

3) Initiating

4) Following through

5) Conquering Your Goals

6) Leadership

There is no goal too big or small that we will not be able to handle. With me, you will have a partner willing to help you see your goals through to the end.  I look forward to the journey. How about you? Contact me for a free initial goal setting consultation.

Contact me for a free initial goal setting consultation.

Invite me to Speak

Words have so much power, in and of themselves, they have the power to change a nation. My passion for speaking began in High School when I briefly joined the debate team. I can recall shortly thereafter telling my teacher I wanted to be an oralist when I grew up. My teacher responded, “If that is what you would like to be, that is fine, but first you need to know how to say it”, I was corrected, “Orator, it is called an Orator”. Funny moment, but a moment I remembered while recently watching Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech entitled, “The Most Important Time of Your Life”. His eloquence, diction and the passion with which he spoke reminded me of what I was called to do. My purpose in life is to use my creativity, education, life experience and most important, my VOICE to influence positive social change.

Thus far, I have begun to see my dream unfold, by being invited to speak on panels and appear on television as well as radio. I have spoken to audiences of various races, socioeconomic status, and class. My most memorable moment was speaking to an audience of about 200 people from the homeless community in Orange County California. On this day, I shared my testimony of being a teenage/single mother and the challenges I faced in order to obtain a Doctorate. I encouraged them to continue to press forward in life, despite their circumstances and assured them that they too could rise above poverty. Now that was a POWERFUL day!

The topics I am most passionate about include but are not limited to:

Gun Violence Reduction
Equal Justice
Female Empowerment
Hip Hop as a Catalyst for Positive Social Change
The Black Experience (All Things Relative)
Mental Health Awareness
Social Reformation
Goal Setting

I always receive positive feedback from my audiences, letting me know how enlightened, inspired and encouraged they are by my words. I look forward to doing the same for you.

Contact me to speak on your panel, at your event, training or conference.

D.O.P.E (Determined to Obtain Pure Excellence) Youth Development Program, is a ten-week program that serves adolescents from under-served and underrepresented communities.

The objective of the program is to uplift the youth in order to help them achieve their potential and goals.

Each session is led by dynamic speakers and community leaders with expertise in their respective field; providing a chance opportunity for ongoing mentorship. Find out more about D.O.P.E.

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